Monday, July 25, 2011

KC Fringe "Glamorous Belly Dance" review by vanfanivan

Glamorous Costumes, Flat Dancing
Rating: 3

Glamorous Belly Dance
KC Fringe Festival

If you want to see glamor just take in the beautiful costumes of this show.  I'd have to say that these are some of the most beautiful clothes and jewelry I've seen.  These women looked great.  But the dancing fell flat.

I've witnessed and studied several BellyDance shows and videos.  To me the art and beauty, and the sign of GREAT dancing is to be snakelike.  If you remind people of a snake or as if you have no bones in your body, you're doing a good job.  These performances seemed a bit stiff and you could certainly tell that some dancers were not nearly as confident as others.

Good dancing should not require props.  However, that is when the show turned around.  It got much better in the second half.  Until that point there was no announcer or introductions.  But then we were able to hear the wonderful Darrell Brogdon explain the songs and give us a background.  This part was eye opening.  This is also when the dancing got better.

The group did two memorable pieces: one had fabric and the other involved feathered fans.  These visuals helped to mask the mediocre dancing.  My other favorite thing was Amy Whitaker who opened the show and was featured in many group numbers.  She is a beautiful woman who LOOKED like she was having fun.  Many dancers did not smile.  She made me feel at ease and as if we were there to have a good time.

As a whole it was lukewarm, but the costumes were smoking.

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