Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Inspiration" review by alanskoalas

 'Inspiration' was a real inspiration to see
Rating: 4

KC Fringe Festival

"Inspiration" is a play that deals very effectively with both sides of the gun control debate in this country. It presents both sides in a dramatic play, rather than just "debating" the issue. The government has banned all guns and ammunition following a period of extreme violence. All ammunition is confiscated by the government, but society has returned to primitive violence, using swords.  Eventually, it turns full cycle, when it is discovered there were a few guns that were hidden by the government. The question is what would be done with those guns after the secret was out.  Most of the performers were great, although a couple could use more experience and training. The screenplay gets a 5+ from me, but the acting gets a 3+ or 4, leaving a net rating of 4.

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