Saturday, July 30, 2011

KC Fringe "Hard Way to Make and Easy Living" review by FartingHorse

Rating: 2

Hard Way to Make an Easy Living
KC Fringe Festival

So the show was built around watching the performers hurt themselves or do things that look like they should hurt a lot. Basically they are trying to make you feel very uncomfortable or make you squirm. That's cool, but I just didn't think they did a great job overall. They also throw in some humor, but most of the jokes are predictable and just not that funny.

The performers were very good, but the content was not great. I think the main guy was great at getting the audiences attention and building up suspense, but his "tricks" were almost always melodramatic. The main helpers were also entertaining and played some cool music, but none of it was really enough to make a show out of.

It was more built for kids than what I was thinking as I was able to pick out how they could perform each trick safely. I'm not saying I would do them myself, but it just wasn't that impressive at the same time.

They saved the best part for last, when the main guy let anyone that wanted to come up and staple dollar bills to him with a staple gun. Might be worth it on that alone if you are into that sort of thing, since it is so unique.

I feel bad giving them a rating of 2 because I think the performers were individually very good, but they just didn't come together for a cohesive whole show. I would have rather not wasted my time or money.

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