Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Bottoms Up Sketch Comedy" review by JLin

 No Boobs Here
Rating: 4

Bottoms Up Sketch Comedy Show
KC Fringe Festival

Founder Emerson Rapp started the performance with an announcement, regretfully informing the audience that, despite their name, Bottoms Up is NOT a burlesque troupe.  Once we were assured that there would be no boobs, the "best of" show began.

Every sketch was clever though some went over better than others (as is usual with all things comedy).  Even when I didn't particularly care for one of the sketches, they always got me laughing with the transition music.  For example, a commercial advertising a supplement called "A-Leak" was followed by the song "Under Pressure".  I wasn't sold on the sketch itself, but after I heard the song choice I was won over.

There were so many hilarious skits that it was hard for me to pick my favorites, but I finally narrowed it down to three.  First there was a very short, reoccurring sketch that was placed at various points in the show.  Two of the actors would come out as joggers (one using a shake weight, which was enough to crack me up before anything was said) and become disgusted by something happening on stage.  The first scene was two women coughing and sneezing on each other.  "Ew, I hate public displays of infection."  This theme appeared twice more with the words "erection" and "resurrection".  Clever and simple.

Next there was a woman trying to make sure she wasn't being swindled by the covered wagon mechanic.  He insisted that the problem was the dead horse, but she wanted him to prove to her that the horse was dead before she coughed up the dough to replace it.  He then proceeded to…beat the dead horse.  Trust me, it was funnier in person.

My absolute favorite sketch was a play on the famous Abbott and Costello "Who's On First" joke.  The couple was discussing the horror movie marathon they were planning on having that night – The Thing and It being the two culprits of the confusion.  It was brilliantly written and a terrific homage to the classic scene.  The best part?  "We can't start the movie right away because Dr. Who's on first."

Bottoms Up is a great team and together they produce some quality sketch comedy.  I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.  I'm sure this show has added great numbers to their following.  Keep an eye on Bottoms Up because they are going places (but remember, no boobs here).  4 out of 5 stars.

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