Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "The Flock!" review by Rabid_Reviewer

Flying the coop
Rating: 3

The Flock!
KC Fringe Festival

The Flock is a collection of clowning skits that is loosely tied together with a bit of plot.  It's a great idea, but it just doesn't quite work.

There are a collection of personalities constantly clashing with each other for attention.  While much of the clashing is intentional for the story, there needs to be more of an ensemble feel overall.  Certain characters stood out more than others.

I really enjoyed Nathan Swashbuck's introduction, although I saw the joke coming from a mile away.  It just took a tad too long to get to the punchline.  That was a problem throughout the show.

Comedy is hard.  It requires precise timing, which means either a fast pace to the funny, or a deliberate methodical pace.

My favorite character in the piece is without doubt, Swooney Rose.  She delivered consistently on her bits.  And she had the best delivery of a punchline in the whole show.  "Wheeee!"

The rest of the performers grasped the basic concept of their characters, but they really didn't seem to have the character's details and nuances nailed down.

It's not a bad show.  You will doubtless enjoy it, but it lacks a certain cohesiveness.

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