Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "This" review by alanskoalas

Rating: 1

KC Fringe Festival

First, I went to see "Locked Up", the play that was originally scheduled in this time slot. Imagine my shock when a completely different play was staged. Turns out "Locked Up" was cancelled at the last minute and "This" was substituted without any notices being posted at the venues!! To then make it worse, the tech turned off the A/C when it was already roasting inside and forgot to turn off the chirping birds!!! Then to make it really bad, the play was awful.  It was 35 minutes in length but was so boring, it seemed like it lasted forever.  It is about two people that meet in a park somewhere. The guy wants his new female friend to marry him after just knowing each other for five minutes!!!  What a childish and stupid plot?!!

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