Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Mr. Gremory's Cabinet of Curiosities" review by FunkyJoe

An Okay Show
Rating: 3

Mister Gremory's Cabinet of Curiosities
KC Fringe Festival

I read on the performer's website that this show is a work in progress. That is obvious. But for the $5 price tag it was not too bad.

This show, obviously inspired by Teller's show (from Penn & Teller) "Play Dead," which just ended an off-Broadway run still needs some work. It had some trouble getting started for technical difficulties. Then the stories of the displayed objects were pretty cool.

Most disturbing was the part with the Ouji Board - but then the ending left me confused. Not just me, the rest of the audience could not tell if the show was over, either.

A good effort. There are just some kinks to work out.

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