Saturday, July 30, 2011

KC Fringe "Super Spectacular! To Opera With Love" review by artfun

Super Spectacular sick SEGBIL
Rating: 5

Super Spectacular! To Opera with Love
KC Fringe Festival

 S – Spontaneous
 E – Explosive
GB – Gut Busting
 I – Involuntary
 L – Laughter

This was unlike anything I have ever seen.  The performers' mad skills include clowning, characterizations, prop work, intellect, ego, interpretive dance, wearing some sort of extruded Mylar-like material, blonde and energy just to name a few.

The most interesting thing is that they are madcap but not manic.  They take their time, build their world and their characters and then merrily spiral out of control to where no living sentient being has spiraled before.

I would walk over hot flaming divas to see these performers do anything else – read a phone book, interpretive dance tax returns, not read a phone book, six more operas, eat a phone book, anything.


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