Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "I Love You, (We're F*#ked) review by timlovestheatre

We don't "Love You" but let's be facebook friends.
Rating: 2

I Love You, (We're F*#ked)
KC Fringe Festival

The risk of having a festival of performing arts that runs eleven days is the mid-week audience.   That means lack-luster audiences of only twenty odd people on those Thursday nights.  And yes, these weekday audiences may not be your usual "crowd".  Does this mean a performer should give those audiences only a half-hearted effort?  No they should not.  Most professional entertainers will tell you it doesn't matter if you have 20 or 200.  But a less than 100% effort performance is what some Fringe attendees received this week.
I don't read other peoples reviews until I've written mine but based upon the headlines and ratings I saw on KC Stage for "I Love You (we're F*#ked)"  I expected a great one man show.   Kevin J. Thornton is an engaging performer with wit and a good sense of humor.  His music was well executed and I thought well-written.  Some of the stories he shared were interesting and entertaining.  However, I think what the audience received was about 45% of his usual show.   He seemed put off his game by the small crowd who needed to warm up to his style.  (Or perhaps we needed to cool down?  Apparently the huge warehouse space that is home of the MET is best used in cooler months!) By the end of the show we had seen small glimpses of his potential but the Thursday night crowd left having been cheated out of what could have been great.

One last chance to see "I Love You (we're F*#ked)" on July 30th at 6:00 PM and make up your own mind.

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