Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "Getting Lucky" review by anitarom

 Sat on a pillow on the stage and loved it!
Rating: 5

Getting Lucky
KC Fringe Festival

I've been to several burlesque shows in the past and now at the KC Fringe, but this one is actually a comedy show that happens to end as burlesque. I think Lucky Deluxe is the best artist of this genre I've ever seen. The audience was captivated by the easiness she tells "X-rated" jokes, which feels casual and nonchalant, even when the F-word is thrown in your face.  She made good connection with the audience, who was very responsive and enthusiastic. At the end, she recited a witty poem which added to anticipation and made stripping more playful.

In a word, if you like burlesque and can handle mature jokes, this show should not be missed. Be aware that the room is really small (about 50 seats) and fills up quickly, so be there early.  Last night the staff has added 1 row of pillows on the stage and several extra chairs, and still a few people were turned away. Moreover, there were only 3 shows scheduled for the entire duration of the Fringe (too bad).

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