Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Evolution" review by alanskoalas

 No protesting this evolution!
Rating: 4

KC Fringe Festival

To start with, this play is not about the "evolution" that your minister might scream about. It is story telling of the character's transition, through a road trip, from female to male. A nice transgender play. This was a true life story of the performer himself. I can't possibly imagine that this guy was ever a girl!!  The only serious problem with the play was the lack of a microphone.  Heard the majority of the lines, but did miss a lot too. It was also like a sauna. A/C was on, but barely worked. They had three small fans to help a little. This was a problem at several venues. I would suggest all performers learn to use a wireless mic so we can hear everything.

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