Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Bottoms Up Sketch Comedy" review by timlovestheatre

Thumbs up to Bottoms Up!
Rating: 4

Bottoms Up Sketch Comedy Show
KC Fringe Festival

Many will question the inclusion of improvisational comedy in the Fringe Festival.  For goodness sake don't they have their own festival?  (They do- look for it in mid-September.)

But this year's offering from Bottoms Up is a great addition to the Fringe schedule.  The bits they presented were not new and improvised but a collection of their best work from the past year.  It's hard to explain much about the pieces without risk of giving away a few of the punchlines.  I will however say I will never think of pizza restaurants, Starbucks or mimes in quite the same way.  Also, a fresh take on an old comedy routine is inspired and well executed!

Well done funny people!

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