Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Rocky & Bullwinkle" review by rdeberle

 2 of my Favorite Things!
Rating: 5

The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show Parody
KC Fringe Festival

When you combine 2 of my favorite things, childhood Saturday morning cartoons and the Rocky Horror Picture Show you are bound to come up with something funny, and that is exactly what happened with this show !

>From the house music before the show I knew it would be funny. The entire cast delivers near perfect performances in each of their multiple characters. The set, props and costumes pieces are right on. I especially loved the graphics created for the screen at the center back of the stage.

It's hard to single out just one performance as outstanding, as the entire cast delivers, but for me stand out performances go to Steven Eubank as Bad-n-uffski, Doogin Brown as Cawpatty, Aurelie Roque as Dementai and Katie Kalahurka as Sherman. Bill Pellietier's turn as the Narrator is nothing short of brilliant and where can you buy that tie ?

There was a little trouble with the sound and a couple of blips with the props, but the cast was unflappable and the show moved right along. In the beginning there was a little trouble understanding some of the words, but one you got used to the accents this cleared up.

This show is so much more than Fringe and I really hope that Egads decides to bring it back for a longer run.

The only disappointment is they did not sell Bright in the lobby after the show !

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