Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "Getting Lucky" review by T. Winchester

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Rating: 5

Getting Lucky
KC Fringe Festival

Because I had seen her perform in burlesque shows as part of an ensemble group during the previous two Fringe seasons, I thought I had a pretty good idea about the performance that Lucky Deluxe (a.k.a. Susanna Lee) would be offering. She is always a fun and endearing burlesque performer, but this year I was really floored by what was essentially her one-woman standup/striptease routine—and so were the rest of the folks in the packed house at The Fishtank. Not only was this the absolute most enjoyable performance I've seen her give, but Lucky also has a completely new look that is fabulous!

Lucky still has the same twisted, sick sense of bawdy humor that is her trademark, but this radical show really takes the cake, featuring a cutting edge honed to perfection that really lets her shine. Surprisingly, most of the show consists of her standup routine, which could be more correctly described as a "reclining" routine, since a large part of it is delivered from a couch situated in front of the extremely intimate stage—complete with pillows on the floor in front for those more adventurous audience members.

Yes, Lucky does take her clothes off at the end of this one-hour performance, but that is just the icing on the cake and, in fact, the show would be almost just as enjoyable and definitely worth the price of admission if we weren't given this treat at the end. On the other hand, if you just want to see boobs, this is not the show for you. "Getting Lucky" really proves that burlesque is much more about performance than stripping. I honestly can say that I don't think I enjoyed a burlesque routine quite so much before, and I have a whole new appreciation for the artistry involved.

Along the way to her big finish, Lucky delivers some of the wittiest, most hilarious adult comedy this side of the Mississippi, and she even sings. If she writes this material herself, many kudos to her! But be prepared; nothing is taboo, and you should expect some very "grownup adolescent" humor, so this is not for the faint of heart. But if you can appreciate comedy that is risqué, campy and ingenious, you are definitely in for a treat.  Lucky even manages a change of costume behind a backlit Chinese screen—going from a fabulous red dressing gown adorned with feathers to a polka dot number that is just as gorgeous. She seems to be going for the Bettie Page look, which she has down pat—most notably the hairstyle—and I believe she also has a host of new tats that are great as well.

As I mentioned before, as an emcee who is part of an ensemble group, Lucky Deluxe is always good, but this show really lets her shine in the spotlight. How can you be classy and sophisticated while raunchy at the same time? Go see "Getting Lucky" and find out.

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