Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Worth" review by Rabid_Reviewer

Worth a look
Rating: 5

KC Fringe Festival

This play has a great cast.  Fine performances in a gritty play that makes your teeth hurt.

So, what's it about?  A collection of characters, some related to each other, where events are orchestrated to put a price on each person's life.

Too highbrow an explanation?  One man manipulates and controls the lives of the people around him, attempting to get them to live up to his personal expectations, resulting in murder, suicide, and general misery.

The performance was extremely well done and authentic.  As the story unfolds, you are held on the edge of your seat trying to figure out just what is going on.  Who is the old man, and what is he talking about?  What's the deal with the oranges?  What is in the box?  Who is this hooker and why do we care?

These questions and more are raised, then answered, in this production.

It is traditional theatre done well.  It's not as different and edgy as other shows you might find at the Fringe, but it is definitely worth seeing.  If you find yourself disappointed by the quality of theatre in this town, this show demonstrates that all is not lost.

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