Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "What the Storm Brought Home" review by alanskoalas

 Sad depressing story about the performer
Rating: 4

What the Storm Brought Home
KC Fringe Festival

First, the description in the program was misleading. It implied that the play was predominately about life in New Orleans after Katrina. Everything that was said about Katrina took up about five minutes of the play. It was actually all story telling about the character, based on the real life of the performer, and was her relationship to her family. It focused mostly on her grandfather and the sexual abuse that was in the family, with her as a victim too, along with the family secrets. Some of her family lived in New Orleans and one of her visits to see an aunt there was just after Katrina. Hence, the relationship to Katrina.  I was not really prepared to listen to a story about sexual abuse for an 45 minutes, but this performer is outstanding in storytelling.  For that reason only, she gets a 3.5, but I will round up to 4.

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