Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "I'm Just Not That Gay" review by rdeberle

 You may be that gay
Rating: 2

I'm Just Not That Gay!
KC Fringe Festival

This show cam highly recommended by someone from out of town. Other than the looks of the actor and the shirt as I listened to his story I failed to see the reasoning behind the title of the show.

Some of the songs were cute, the last song was the best , but out of character. Loved the pre show Disco !

I guess there was not enough story line to make me really care about the character, probably kind of difficult to totally put yourself out there like that. Even tho he thinks that he is "just not that gay" A person who works at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios (  both - Queer City USA) and is a musical director for a theatre company where he gets to play Broadway music all day every day, Me thinks you are, just that gay !

Some laughs, but not worth the $10 price when you compare it to other shows in the fringe.

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