Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "Kansas City Dreaming" review by anitarom

 Unexpected but lovely!
Rating: 5

Kansas City Dreaming
KC Fringe Festival

This concept production is more like a cabaret or vaudeville show and consisted of several individual acts unrelated to each other, the same way we can have several different dreams over the same night. They produce different emotions in us. I disagree with one of the reviewers who wasn't impressed by the numbers between the first and the last one.  On the contrary, the piano player's act (who was also a contortionist) was brilliant! Did you think that watching a piano player was boring? Not here. His facial and body display of emotions while trying different piano plays was absolutely hilarious. I could have watched him for hours! I wish he did more contortionism, too.

There were a few burlesque numbers, which I also liked. The girls were really pretty, playful and bubbly. Here you are in for a surprise, as well.

I wasn't very impressed with the puppetry number, though. It was fun, but I felt that the puppeteer's skills could have been better.

I must admit that the last number, the hula-hoop girl, was fantastic! She wore little clothing, and I think the rest her body was painted; and she was very good at maneuvering her hoop. Definitely, mesmerizing and entertaining. Yes, I recommend this show.

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