Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Bottom of Everything" review by alanskoalas

Not the bottom for the ratings!
Rating: 4

The Bottom of Everything
KC Fringe Festival

The play is about Derrick, a guy that has just been released from jail after three years and he stays with old high school friends. They all drink and use marijuana.  Derrick is trying to get his life together and his closest friend in the group, Curtis, is the most responsible. However, one of the characters, Wes, is a deadbeat is a heroin addict.  Wes overdoses twice and Curtis is a major enabler, for which Wes does not even appreciate the fact that Curtis saved his life. When he overdoses the second time, Derrick does nothing, letting him die, rather than call for help. He was more concerned about not being blamed for anything when the cops found the heroin in the their apartment. Derrick is also tricked into have a one night stand with the Curtis' girlfriend, which ultimately nearly destroyed their friendship. The performers were all good, but not great.

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