Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "All of Us" review by timlovestheatre

Getting Bullied is Hard.  Watching This Show is Not.

Rating: 5

All of Us
KC Fringe Festival

"All of Us" is a touching, inspiring, and educational show dealing with tough issues of sexuality.  Dealing with being gay, bi, lesbian or transgendered is still, unfortunately, difficult in today's society and as the show reveals it's even harder when you are a teen. There was great comparison among the stories as we heard from teens in New York and rural Iowa.  In addition it is very timely in light of all of the anti-bullying that is in the news.

Presented in a strong stylized delivery method the show gives the audience plenty to think about and plenty of subtext for the actors to dive into.  The performers were quite good.  They were all members of the Coterie School for Theatre Exploration.  Direction comes ably from Meghann Henry and Artistic Director Jeff Church.

This production definitely deserves its place in the Best of Fringe 2011 and you will get one more chance to see it on Sunday at the KC Fringe Hangover.  Check for details on their website

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