Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "Heaven So Far" review by Toofaboo

 I wanted to like it, really I did
Rating: 2

Film Classics Presents: Heaven So Far
KC Fringe Festival

Kudos to a first time attempt at script writing & direction, but for me, this show just fell flat.

I felt as if the show was trying to be a Late Nite Theatre wanna-be with tongue in cheek jokes & men dressed as women, but I found myself thinking of my to-do list rather than paying attention to what was happening on the stage.

To be fair, there were a few laughs, DeeDee DeVille is perfect as ... DeeDee DeVille (I would have cast her as the wife), the extra party guests were clever & the dialogue started out somewhat fresh, but kept going back to the same thing over & over.  Ok, I get it, the hot husband in the tiny tighty-whities is a closeted gay man.  Yeah, I get it, OK, I GET IT!!!  Nudge, nudge...she said, "Beaver."  Oooh, he said, "Beaver."  Did you get it?  The "Beaver" - wink-wink.  Yeah, I got that too.  Personally, I believe Thelma & Louise already "own" the best "Beaver" line, so this just got old.

In addition, there were way too many scene changes, a few times we were in the dark longer than the previous scene.  This was distracting & took me completely out of the story.  The set was minimal & effective (except the front door opened out & that drove me crazy) & the costumes were wonderful.

I think if Mr. King tightened his script a bit & condensed some scenes, he could have a really good one act.  This was just too long.  As a final note, I don't know if the show started late, or if it just ran too long, but I had to leave before the end in order to make it to my next Fringe venue.  I assume I didn't miss anything.

If you like campy & you have $10, support the show, but don't go expecting to be blown away.  Ha!  Get it??  I said "blown" away??!!!

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