Saturday, July 30, 2011

KC Fringe "Jesus, Shakespeare, and Lincoln" review by artfun

Rating: 1

Jesus, Shakespeare, and Lincoln Walk into a Bar
KC Fringe Festival

This show was awful.  The premise was tremendous but the script and performances were below amateur.  To charge $10 was highway robbery and begs the question "Is there any quality control at the Festival or can anyone drop anything on a stage and be included?"

But the possibilities were intriguing.  Shakespeare could have been channeling his characters and their words in regards to the current human condition, veering from Shylock to Falstaff to Beatrice or Jaques and all those wonderful words and images.

Jesus could have been conflicted by all the conflicting information in the Bible and the various religions that sprang from his times and their current states of violence and oppression vs charity and goodwill.

Lincoln might have started out as a stoic icon who slowly reveals possible gay tendencies of various forms while being surprised and titillated, discovering a fuller sense of self as the story moved on.

All of these scenarios present possibilities for humor, character development, current events and discovery.

A lost opportunity and a waste of $10.

I prefer the avant-garde offerings at the festival but some effort should be made to prevent the avant-awful.  Many more like this and I will stop Fringing.

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