Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Hexing Hitler" review by alanskoalas

 Too unrealistic to be entertaining
Rating: 2

Hexing Hitler
KC Fringe Festival

This play involves a group of people meeting in the forest at a campground somewhere in America, to use witchcraft to kill Hitler. First, witchcraft itself is a fairytale, but to make it even more unrealistic is that three of the performers are dressed formally, with one in a formal evening gown!!  This in the middle of a forest!! There was no attempt to make this play believable at all. The first forty minutes was just nonsense with no story line or plot. The last ten minutes was the best because that is when they actually bring all the scenes together for a story that finally asks some philosophical questions and makes the plot suddenly have some meaning to it.


  1. One definition of witchcraft is "the art of changing consciousness at will." That is not a fairytale.

  2. The play never acknowledges that witchcraft is real. The play takes place inside a cabin, not in the middle of the woods. That's why there's furniture on the stage. They are not formally dressed for 1940. Somebody didn't pay much attention.