Saturday, July 30, 2011

KC Fringe "Grimm and Bare It" review by Rabid_Reviewer

 Cute, cuddly, family fare....not!
Rating: 4

Grimm and Bare It
KC Fringe Festival

I like the concept of this show.  As a burlesque, I liked the storyline more than the stripteases.

The bump and grind was somewhat mechanical, as if the performers were expecting the audience to cheer them on no matter what they did.  After all, women are taking off their clothes for us.  That alone deserves appreciation.

Since burlesque shows have become a staple at the Fringe Fest, having a unique hook, such as a plot and dialogue, is a good thing.  However, I still like to see the ladies doing more than going through the motions.

The night I saw this performance, costume mishaps seemed to be the rule, and not in the way you think.  The problem with the costumes were they didn't want to come off.  I thought the performers dealt with this as well as they could under the circumstances.

It's a fun show.  It's a show that has a lot of promise.  It's just not the best burlesque I've ever seen.  I really enjoyed the moments with the Brothers Grimm.

They are doing a longer version of this show in August.  Keep your eye out for it.  Attend at your own discretion.  Just don't bring the kids.

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