Monday, July 25, 2011

KC Fringe "Tordu Vol" review by vanfanivan

Thieves of Flight Stole my Heart and my Breath
Rating: 5

Tordu Vol: A Twistsed Tale of Flight
KC Fringe Festival


I wish I could have taken a picture of my face during the performance.  It looked like this:  mouth hanging open, breath held, and eyes as round as saucers.

The concept was astounding.  During the 1st two numbers there were major computer complications.  At first I wanted to say great concept but problems pulling it off.  None of that matters.  They could have done the show with the house lights up and zero music and it still would have wowed me.  I was actually glad that I stood like a sardine in the hot entryway for 20 minutes.  They could probably have gotten away with slapping me in the face a few times and I'd still be a fan.

I have 3 favorite parts.  Rachel McMeachin blew me away with her performance on the ribbons in Expansion.  Hayley Cherveny stopped my heart with Emergence as she danced in a sheet suspended from the ceiling.  But hands down the most extraordinary piece was Le Coeur with Stephen Plante and Nichole Raab.  This touched my soul.  I will remember this for a long time.  I could actually feel the emotions and they did difficult maneuvers that with one wrong move could have been fateful.

You must see this show.  This is what Fringe is all about.  These performers are more than likely the strongest and most flexible at the festival.  You will NOT be disappointed.

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