Saturday, July 30, 2011

KC Fringe "Donnie and Darla Show" review by vanfanivan

Divine Donnie and Darling Darla a Dashing Duo
Rating: 5

The Donnie and Darla Show
KC Fringe Festival

I am a huge fan of classic country music and I thought that was the type of show I was in for.  Not quite.  I saw something so much better.

I wanted to shout out that they were brilliant and I wanted to beg to buy a CD.  This was great.  This was one of my favorite shows.  It was like a concert, but certainly not any concert you've ever seen before.

Donnie and Darla expertly sang some of the best songs in a classical country tone.  You've never seen anything until you see Prince's Kiss and Michael Jackson's Beat It sang like classic country tunes.  I am still in awe of the way they did all of this.  They also cleverly tied all the songs together with little sidebars.

I heard a couple outside say they would not have seen it, if they knew that it was mostly music.  I suppose they were wanting more of a play or stand up routine, but this was delightful.

You must see this show and see if they will sell a CD.  GREAT music, done well.

I love you Donnie and Darla.

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