Sunday, July 31, 2011

KC Fringe "Jason Has Mommy Issues" review by alanskoalas

Pleasantly surprised
Rating: 4

Jason Has Mommy Issues
KC Fringe Festival

This is a story about Jason, who has a roommate that is his gay partner, and about his relationship to a few of his friends too. It deals with cheating on your partners, including both gay and straight. But most of all, it is about his relationship to his mom. His mom is very controlling and has spent all the years undermining Jason's self esteem and he seems unable or unwilling to take control of his life. The problem is that Jason's mom loves him, but has never accepted him being gay. How do you accept the person if you don't accept what he is? That is one of the issues dealt with in this play. Some of the performers, including "Jason", were very good, but some could use some polish. The biggest problem with this play is the noise!!  The a/c system in the MET is noisy and none of the performers used mics. It was hard to hear and I missed some of the lines. Do yourselves a favor and go buy some wireless mics!!!  If I was rating this show only, I would consider a 5, but when!
 comparing it to some of the others, 4 is the best I can do.

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