Friday, July 29, 2011

KC Fringe "Kansas City Dreaming" review by Bard_of_Avon

Kansas City Dreaming is a sleeper
Rating: 5

Kansas City Dreaming
KC Fringe Festival

I enjoyed the performance of Kansas City Dreaming Tuesday evening. First let me say that if you have never seen a show at the historic GEM theater you're missing out on a wonderful piece of Kansas City history and a beautiful performance space which in it of itself is a reason to see a show at this venue during Fringe. Built in 1912 the theater has 500 seats and the atmosphere heralds back to the golden age of the 18th & Vine corridor.

Without giving away any of the surprises contained in this show, I would just like to say it is full of accomplished performers from a range of performance arts including spoken word poetry, comedy, live music, puppetry, burlesque, belly dancing and the fine art of hula-hooping. The premise of the show is that the lovely and alluring Lucky Deluxe is laying down for a night's rest, and her dreams are playing out through the night with a series of performances by the cast. Every performer brings something different to the stage. In all it is very entertaining.

Unlike any other show I've seen at Fringe this season, Kansas City Dreaming carves out its own niche on the Fringe and I would definitely recommend its frivolity to anyone looking to see a range of what Kansas City performers have to offer.

Wed 7/27        6:30 pm
Fri 7/29        11:00 pm
GEM Theatre
1616 E 18th St
Kansas City, MO

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