Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe photos for Friday, July 20

Voler by Joe Maino
Troupe Duende by Joe Maino
Unicorn Main Stage by Micah Husereaux
Youth Fringe by TWade
Acoustic Traditions by TJohnson 
KC Magic Cabaret by TJohnson
Livin on the Fringe by TJohnson
The Flock Flies Again by TJohnson
Troup Duende by RRoach 
Voler by RRoach
Burlesque and Beggars by RRoach
Tornado Lessons by RRoach
Acoustic Traditions by RRoach 
Voler by TMajkol
Burlesque and Beggars by TMajkol 
Burlesque and Beggars by JMStrange 
Lucid by JMStrange

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