Friday, July 27, 2012

KC Fringe "Dead Wrong" review by alanskoalas

Compelling story about injustice in America
Rating: 5

Dead Wrong
KC Fringe Festival

The performer, Katheryn Glover, is a journalist and wrote and performed this show. It is "fictional" account, based on actual stories and interviews, of a victim's mistaken identification and the police and judicial system's rush to judgment to punish a perpetrator, regardless of the lack of evidence. It is about the guilt that the victim feels when she realized that she had made a mistake that caused an innocent person to be convicted and the desire of a system to avoid reexamining the evidence and conviction.

Darryl Burton, an exoneree from Missouri, was a member of the audience at this performance. I am a criminal defense attorney myself. We chatted with the performer after the show. Both Darryl and myself were struck at how realistic the show was and how compelling the story was, as told by Glover.

One warning. The performer does have a soft voice and no microphone. You should sit as close as possible to the stage to hear everything.

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