Sunday, July 29, 2012

KC Fringe "Buck Hoss" review by Guildenstern

Best of Fringe
Rating: 5

Buck Hoss
KC Fringe Festival

"Buck Hoss" is the best of the 13 plays I've seen so far at Fringe. Updating "The Bacchae" to early-20th Century Appalachia works perfectly and makes the play accessible to a contemporary audience. The language is rich and colorful without being pompous or out of character. The large cast is superb, with many strong lead performances, and not a single weak actor in the bunch. The direction is exciting and the cast is full of energy. The play offers opposing views of religion, a powerful tragedy, a band of scary women, and a little bit of magic. And through it all, a thick vein of humor and witty exchanges that keeps the entertainment level high. Not to be missed.

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