Sunday, July 29, 2012

KC Fringe "Burlesque Bloodbath" review by fringereviewer1

More Dancing! Less Hoola Hoops!
Rating: 3

Burlesque Bloodbath
KC Fringe Festival

Seriously- TWO girls using hoops? Really? Some of the bits were really good- mostly the burlesque ones, but there was too much lighted hoop action, too much time spent on magic tricks, and the opening introduction was too long. Cut from the other stuff and add one or two more good burlesque numbers (drop the one where she rips her skin off [eewwww!!!] and just gets naked without even dancing) and the girls don't really have to look that gross- it kinda takes away from the sexiness. You can be evil, creepy, and murderous (or even dead) without open sores all over.

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