Saturday, July 28, 2012

KC Fringe "Best of the IFC" reviwe by kellyluck

An interesting distillation of the local indy scene
Rating: 4

Best of the IFC
KC Fringe Festival

The Independent Filmmakers Coalition is a small group of amateur filmmakers here in the Kansas City area who have clubbed together to help each other make their own films. The indy scene in America and indeed around the world has been flourishing with the advent of new and increasingly inexpensive "prosumer" technologies, so more and more would-be auteurs are getting the chance to bring their visions to life. The result is on display here, with ten of the best works to come out of this talented group.

The films run the gamut of genre and mood: we start off with a quite satisfyingly wicked comedy, move to a odd little black and white quickie, and then on to documentaries, slice of life, suspense, and so on. There are many hands and many visions on display here. And while there were inevitably some I enjoyed more than others, I can honestly say that the majority of them boasted a good story competently performed.

Funnily enough, if there was a theme to the evening, it seemed to be humor. With the exception of the documentaries, nearly every entry, regardless of genre, had at least a humorous undercurrent, even if it was just a smirking black wit in some of the darker pieces. Sound was quite often problematic, but of course this can be down to equipment issues and so on, and of course when shooting in an uncontrolled environment such as outdoors it brings its own set of problems.

All in all, this is an ultimately satisfying summation of what is being done in the Kansas City independent scene. It is encouraging to see these creative minds at work, and this reviewer is looking forward eagerly to seeing what else our local talent can accomplish.

The IFC meets Wednesdays at 7:30 in the Westport Coffee House. They may also be reached at or Facebook.

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