Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe "Burlesque Bloodbath" review by thanatos

 Has real potential 
Rating: 3

Burlesque Bloodbath
KC Fringe Festival

The show is a great idea, but can use some tweaks for next year. I saw it on Saturday night at 11:30, the perfect time for such a show. Too many sound problems distracted.

The cast of performers work well as a full show. I did not see much traditional burlesque dancing in the show, as I was expecting. The song/dance numbers themselves were well done.

The MC (Mr. Torres) was smooth, but needed much more energy to keep us excited. Mr. Magician was delightfully wry. It's tragic when a card trick goes bad, but it didn't really slow him down. Crazy Boy is fantastic, and brings expert showmanship to his act. Please don't see his act and audibly call out for him to 'trip and die'. The microphone chomping bit was adorable. The Rip-tease was brilliant, but could use a few more visible prosthetic?

I hope to look forward to seeing this show improve!

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