Sunday, July 29, 2012

KC Fringe "Roast of Jesus Christ" review by alanskoalas

Disappointing, but some funny scenes
Rating: 3

The Roast of Jesus Christ
KC Fringe Festival

There were many boring scenes that were not funny and were not inspiring. Not a well written play and not great  delivery. I saw the three minute teaser on opening night.  They did the right thing by picking the best scene to  include in the teaser, which is why I went to see the  play. However, the other scenes did not measure up to the  teaser. Many scenes were just to silly in a childish way  to be even remotely funny to an adult. The second portion  of the the play was better than the first half. Toward  the end, the play does  begin to ask some philosophical  religious questions and show some of the absurdities of  Christianity.

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