Saturday, July 28, 2012

KC Fringe "Loganheim, the Clock Smasher" review by sunny

A Cut Above the Fringe
Rating: 5

Loganheim, the Clock Smasher
KC Fringe Festival

Wonderful play and winner of the Young Playwright's Award from the National Playwriting Competition. It's a pleasure to see a talented playwright who is also just as talented as an actor, speaking his own words. Zachary Weaver brilliantly emphasizes the words he wants us to chew on for a bit, and the words are both profound and also hilarious at times. Are we doomed to be slaves to clocks? Would we have it any other way? Richard Alan Nichols is perfect as the clockmaker on the other end of time, both literally and figuratively. This is a rare chance to see a play that has already been performed and lauded in New York and is being performed for the first time here in Kansas City for just $10.00. It isn't often that we're motivated to think in the midst of thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Go to this play, and you will do both!

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