Friday, July 27, 2012

KC Fringe "Greatest Speech of All Time" review by badbarbie

When Sound Wasn't Bites
Rating: 5

Greatest Speech of All Time
KC Fringe Festival

Perhaps not surprisingly, the speeches Mr. Mooney has selected are all political. And he has chosen widely and well from the Western canon. Some of the lesser-known speeches are particularly interesting: Frederic Douglas' address to the "women's anti-slavery sewing circle" of Rochester, NY, and MLK's address to the sanitation workers of Memphis still stun today. I wanted to replace all this year's campaign ads on television with FDR's address on the roots of the economic problems of the 1930s and how to fix them.

His excerpts of one of Teddy Roosevelt's one of campaign speech for the Bull Moose Party brought moments of humor to an otherwise serious and moving experience. Highly recommended.

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