Friday, July 27, 2012

KC Fringe "Rhino" review by Bombastico

Locally lensed; Highly professional
Rating: 4

  KC Fringe Festival

Patrick Rea's latest short film is a tense, thoughtful crime drama surrounding a former professional athlete and his restaurant, which serves as cover for his massive marijuana cultivation and distribution enterprise.

Checking in at 45 minutes, "Rhino" plays like the best of any HBO or Showtime program - great acting, production values at the top of the profession (although the Screenland's projection technology doesn't quite bring out everything the film has to offer) - all of it shot "entirely in Kansas" as the credits point out. Rea takes great pride in making top notch quality film in the Midwest, eschewing opportunities to take his skills to Hollywood.

Those of us in the KC area should take pride in his decision, and support his work and the work of others who choose to endeavor Mid-Coastally. But don't see this film because it was made here. See it because it's great, AND because great film is made here.

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