Saturday, July 28, 2012

KC Fringe "Four of Us" review by Detailer

Four of Us well done
Rating: 5

Four of Us
KC Fringe Festival

Very well-done buddy show.  It presents a sampling of events forging the relationship between two artistic young men through several years.

Doogin Brown and Dan Hillaker use their excellent acting skills to bond these two with a strong and delightful chemistry.  Doogin’s facial expressions and exuberant personality are met with great effect by Dan’s understated eloquence.

The script is fascinating in its use of time.  Scenes jump forward or flash back at differing intervals; but they are tied together by a new revelation that provides deeper insight into a topic previously explored.

I like the way scenes flow smoothly, with a brief description flashed onstage while the actors quickly move furniture into different configurations to suggest a new space.  Very economical use of set pieces.

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