Sunday, July 29, 2012

KC Fringe "Dandelion Chains" review by alanskoalas

Powerful story of a torn family and forgiveness, but confusing at times
Rating: 5

Dandelion Chains
KC Fringe Festival

This is a one woman play in which the actress plays the part of many characters, all connected. Terrific acting and convincing in each character that she played. However, the script could be improved by making it clearer how each character is connected. According to  her website, she plays six characters. She plays the  role of a 16 year old pregnant girl. The baby is  adopted by a gay male couple, who finds themselves at  the heart of an investigation into child abuse for an  accidental injury when the baby falls out of the bed  while having her diaper changed. The social worker  assigned is determined to prevent the couple from  regaining custody of their daughter because of issues  that she has with gay people. The play ends with the  baby, now an adult, reconnecting with family. However,  Doreen has died. It is unclear who Doreen was. Might  have been her biological mother, but not sure. Also,  not clear if she is talking to her adoptive gay  parent(s) at the end, but it deals with how she has  overcome the evil in her life and forgiven the people  involved. The performance gets a 5, the script gets a  4, which is rated down slightly because of its lack of  clarity.

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