Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe "Greatest Speech of All Time" review by susanders

Greatest Speeches of All Time
Rating: 5

Greatest Speech of All Time
KC Fringe Festival

Tim Mooney's acting, content, and arrangement were top notch. The entire audience responded with enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of every speech he delivered, as well as at the end of the performance. Mr. Mooney's inspiring delivery connected the audience to international historical personalities through selections from their speeches.

At the beginning of the show, he explained how he chose the particular passages, and why. His choice of images, displayed on the backdrop while he spoke, kept me attentive and focused on his oratory.

"Greatest Speeches..." would be a wonderful show for a mature audience of high school or undergraduate students, or people interested in history and/or public speaking.

Enthusiastically recommend you don't miss this one!

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