Thursday, July 26, 2012

KC Fringe "Night at the Opry" review by bnonna

A Night at the Opry
Rating: 5

Night at the Opry
KC Fringe Festival

Yee Haw! Tonight's show delivered in entertainment! The dancers nailed each performance with creative moves as well as costumes delivering cabaret country style. Cher D. Blame started the show with a dazzling performance giving new meaning to the saying An apple a day ... Kiyya blended country and belly dance into a fun energetic display of talent Hi Ho Silver Away I say! Mary Magdalene got down and glittery to an old favorite with striking moves. Kinsey Scale delivered an intense performance with a beautiful costume. Brian the lariat juggler is as funny as he is limber! A very talented multitask-er who can rope your interest. Brother Daniel in from L.A. delivered a brand of comic relief guaranteed to bring laughs and is quite the talented musician. All this hosted by Begya Pardon making her debut with a smile as sparkly as her dress.
Well done! One of my favorites thus far!

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