Thursday, July 26, 2012

KC Fringe "The Flock Flies Again" review by timlovestheatre

No "Clowning" Around, Get The Flock Out to This Show
Rating: 4

Flock Flies Again
KC Fringe Festival

When is a clown a mime? When is a mime a clown?

I'm not an expert so I cannot really tell you. But I know these people with clown noses spent about an hour doing funny things and not saying very much. Mimes? Clowns?

The Phosphor is not an ideal space for such a show. It is long and narrow. This type of show needs a wide exposure where the audience can see all that is going on much better. That's a note to next year's Fringe planners.

Overall an interesting show that adds a dimension to the Festival.

"The Flock Flies Again!"
Phosphor Studio
1730 Broadway
Thu 7/26 at 7:30 pm and Sat 7/28 at 7:30 pm

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