Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KC Fringe "We Be Jammin'" review by theatrebrat

Rating: 3

We Be Jammin!
KC Fringe Festival

I love Bob Marley, and it's clear to see that the performer does too. Brother John is very enthusiastic and compelling to watch.

However, I had a hard time relating to this show. Brother John attempts to bring Bob Marley, the person, to the stage, rather than commenting on the essence of the man and his music. I never once saw Bob Marley. What I saw is a man with a hat and fake dreadlocks singing Bob Marley songs.

Overall, though, I think the show is worth seeing. It's only $5, and it has potential. I think, with a different presentation of the material, this show could rock.

Jah love. Peace be to Brother John. Thank you for bringing this show to the masses

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