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KC Fringe "Sexing Hitler" review by soundtheater

Can a sex doll win a war?
Rating: 5

Sexing Hitler
KC Fringe Festival

Can a pleasure doll help Germany win a war? Can it inspire blind patriotism in her soldiers? Can it redefine the dreams of masses, impose one on them, or make two lonely souls fall in love?

Maybe 'Sexing Hitler' can answer those questions for you.  Based on the true story of how the Nazi Germany under the rule of Hitler invented inflatable pleasure dolls, 'Sexing Hitler' brings historical facts, fiction, and a love story together in one witty play.

It's WWII, and Europe is under the attack of not only extreme ideologies but also wide spread of syphilis.  The nation's purity and army's vigor depends on careful sexual choices which is very hard to make in such difficult times.  To protect its army, Hitler orders an invention of a substitution for female company.  This substitution must inspire desire, be portable, and endure – to put it gently – extensive use.

Infamous Henrich Himmler, wonderfully portrayed by Andy Garrison, puts together a scientific team to create this object of desire.  Scientists Dr. Arthur Rink (Parry Luellen) and Senta Schnieder (Marci Ramirez) launch on this daunting project to create the perfect woman, the ultimate mate, named Gynoid.  During the process, the couple tries to answer ethical questions concerning the creation of a lifeless companion and end up falling love with each other.

Written collectively by playwright Bryan Colley and director Tara Varney, 'Sexing Hitler' is a clean, direct, and highly entertaining play. It is commendably performed by handful of actors, and with no set, unless you call a couple of wooden boxes a set.  With not a dull moment in the performance, actors kept the audience with them throughout the story.

Kyle Dahlquist, Christian  Hankel, Sergio Moreno and Richard Walker provided original music performed live with the play. Music accentuated the action and highlighted the dramatic sections successfully. However, the sound came across too soft occasionally and weakened the effect.  Never-the-less the style was right and the band's accents were perfectly timed; they never missed a beat.

Incorporation of dance added an air of fantasy to the play.  Lovely Amy Hurrelbrink's performance as a doll, both when she was static and dancing, was admirable.

 "The Gertrude Fantasy" and "Hitler's address" were the highlights of the play.

With just the right amount of fiction and facts, the team offered a lighthearted approach on one of the darkest eras of world.  They did not leave the audience with the burden of embarrassing judgments of history, but provoked curiosity, and inspired another look into the past.

Sexing Hitler is showing at Off Center Theater at Crown Center on 7/23, 7/24, 7/26, and 7/28. Show times can be found at  You can also go to to find out more about the show including interviews with the cast, the 'making of' extras, and even a "Hitler finds out about 'Sexing Hitler" version of the famous Hitler internet meme.

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