Saturday, July 21, 2012

KC Fringe "Sexing Hitler" review by timlovestheatre

 Let's talk about 'Sex'-ing Hitler
Rating: 5

Sexing Hitler
KC Fringe Festival

The quirky minds behind "Hexing Hitler" and "Khannnn! The Musical" have brought a new and brain tingling show to the KC Fringe festival. "Sexing Hitler" is a show about the real life efforts of Hitler and crew to introduce sex dolls to soldiers in an attempt to stop the increase of venereal disease.
Intrigued yet?

This is the tightest script out of this collaboration to date and the performance style was interesting and funny. There is a lot to be learned about our own history in this story of Germany and plenty to be enjoyed. In many ways a great companion piece to last years much darker entry "Hexing Hitler".

There are some finely tuned performances by all involved and overall a great addition to this years festival.

Catch "Sexing Hitler" a part of the KC Fringe festival at the Off Center Theatre.

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