Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe "Scarborough Fair" review by OversNYC

A laugh for lunch
Rating: 5

Scarborough Fair
KC Fringe Festival

I have had the pleasure of seeing this show twice already at the KC Fringe. Both times left me more than satisfied.

The two characters, Scarborough and Fair, are full of surprises. During this hour you will realize not only are they great at keeping the integrity and amazing Simon and Garfunkel sound but great storytellers, kazoo soloists, and scatters!

After seeing these two unashamedly indulge and explore the sounds of S&G, you will not be able to help yourself when you get home. I have listened to "Cecilia" and "Overs" already today, but even without the help of YouTube, the sound of the audience clapping to "Cecilia", the amazing harmonies of "The Boxer" and "Homeward Bound" from last night have played in my head all day. Even Fair's "Scarborough Faaaaaaaaiiiiir" jazz-style plug that Scarborough hates will be stuck in your head providing a laugh for when you need it most. I hope you get a chance to see this show.

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