Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KC Fringe "Roast of Jesus Christ" review by watchNwrite

Stay Away
Rating: 1

The Roast of Jesus Christ
KC Fringe Festival

Bottoms Up! …because one would have to be drunk to not notice the extreme lack of laughter this performance got on Sunday, July 22nd. "The Roast of Jesus Christ" is just one sketch out of many that Bottoms Up Sketch Comedy group put on for their Fringe entry. And let's just go ahead and say it, they failed in their efforts to be comedic.

First of all, not all the skits were horrible. The lamprey sketch, the Mary and Joseph sketches, the Antidisposophobia sketch, and the Christmas Song sketch got a fair amount of laughter. These were good ideas that came along with good execution and timing -- but this was between periods of time where sketches would just fly by amidst complete silence. Here's the thing: most of these pieces were insanely silly, but they just lacked the proper performers with the proper timing to execute the style needed to successfully realize the sketches. It just was not funny in most cases; and that's the worst thing anyone could say about a sketch comedy show.

The show greatly dropped in value (as impossible as that would have seemed) when the title sketch, "The Roast of Jesus Christ," started. The level of talent to make offensive jokes work was far less the offensiveness of the jokes. Crickets revolted during this sketch. I like offensive humor, but not only were the jokes hard to follow (due to the awkward and confusing wording), but the lack of comedic timing and ability to tell a joke kept the jokes from being funny.

It is not suggested that anyone throw money for a ticket to this show. If you have an extra comp ticket, then by all means, drop by and form your own opinion. But Bottoms Up fell face first into a concrete floor this time -- and not one person in the audience was willing to help them get up.

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