Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KC Fringe photos for Saturday, July 21

Signals by RRoach
The Dust by RRoach
The Roast of Jesus Christ by Micah Husereaux
Loganheim, the Clock Smasher by Micah Husereaux
We're Not Mittens by NCivitello
Telmah Hamlet by NCivitello
Yo-Yo Workshop by NCivitello
Dada is Dead by NCivitello 
We're Not Mittens by NCivictello
Dances of India by Joe Maino
Fringe Binge by Joe Maino 
Burlesque and Beggars by Joe Maino
Youth Fringe by Stephanie Crawford
KC Magic Cabaret by MGeana
Troupe Duende by MGeana
Foreign Bodies by TMajkol
Fringe Audience by TMajkol 
Telmah Hamlet by TMajkol
Youth Fringe by JBowman 
Tack Driver by JMStrange
Divine Divas by JMStrange
Burlesque Bloodbath by JMStrange
Sexing Hitler by JMStrange
Dances of India by MRodriguez 
Invention of the Monster by MRodriguez

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