Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KC Fringe "Getting Lucky" review by watchNwrite

Actually Quite Charming
Rating: 3

Getting Lucky
KC Fringe Festival

Will you get lucky if you go see Lucky Deluxe perform her burlesque-style one-woman stand-up show? That depends on how much you like to hear about sex. Her July 21st audience loved it -- probably because of Lucky's charm, sense of humor, and unrelenting sense of play.

The location was at a bar (Nica's), so it was a rough start for Lucky trying to get the bar music turned down so she could start her show. But she handled it with ease - the same ease with which she would handle the rest of her show. So the bar music, Lucky's first hurdle, was over with…her second hurdle would be that of getting anyone who came to the Fringe Previews on Thursday, July 19th, to enjoy the first 10 minutes of her set. She spent the first couple minutes ragging on female performers who tell typical "jokes," telling us that she thought we deserved some honesty from her; then she broke into the same rehearsed jokes she did at the preview. It took a good 20 minutes for those of us who attended the preview to forgive her for the massive hypocritical statement. Not to mention, those particular jokes didn't really stand the test of repetition.

Now here's MY hypocritical statement; Lucky Deluxe's show, overall, was very entertaining. First of all, I've never seen a comedian who peels before (what some burlesque dancers do). The poem-song strip-tease acts, of which there were two, were quite engaging - mostly due to the poem-song, though. Throughout, she exhibited strength in her improvisational comments in response to unplanned incidences. For instance, after her strip-tease, she noticed that a man was not participating as much as she'd like in the applause, so she questioned him about it. He said his view was obstructed by the person in front of him, and she retorted with "I think I have a big enough target for ya" while swaying her bottom towards the audience. What was most entertaining about Ms. Deluxe was her stories - with special note going to the Ron-Jeremy-Hedgehog Story. In addition to stories, Lucky pulled two volunteers up onstage to participate in a game. Let it be said that with any volunteer situation, you roll the dice. With these volunteers, she rolled snake eyes. It's sad that a less-than-helpful volunteer had to lower the quality of her show that way…but it didn't make us love her any less.

This show had almost-constant laughs and interesting stories, and it's well-worth a visit. So if you can't get laid during one of her shows (which I'm sure she'd encourage), then go Get Lucky with Lucky Deluxe.

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